Monday, 7 January 2013

Why I Love Pinterest

Why I Love Pinterest

Pinterest is the fastest growing social media network, from its launch in March 2010 it has grown to over 12 million users. It has a great looking interface with no scrolling adds and unwanted clutter, and navigating around Pinterest is simple and intuitive. Unlike Facebook and other social networking sites Pinterest is not an announcement platform and it’s not about self promotion, its simply a place to say “ Hey check this out its great”

The idea is very simple, its much like a scrapbook for yourself, you create pin boards and pin photos to them, things that you like or you want to remember or just things that fill you with inspiration.

For me personally I'm a picture sort of person, I'm happiest looking at pictures and I’m guessing being into photography and seeing the world through pictures every day is why Pinterest appeals to me so much

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